We Make Carpet Tile, But We Sell Design

Interface began life in 1973, when founder Ray Anderson saw the need for more versatile flooring in the office. After acquiring Heuga, the Dutch manufacturer of the original carpet tile, in 1987, the company became a world leader in modular flooring.

Since then, a workplace revolution has put creativity ahead of efficiency and productivity. Spaces are designed to foster collaboration, and to create a sense of identity. This development has had a huge impact on our products, and the way we make them.

Interface was one of the first companies to publicly commit to sustainability. Our commitment to eliminate our impact on the environment by 2020, also known as Mission Zero, equally influences every aspect of our business and how we develop our products.

It’s taken a couple of decades but we’ve done it: made giant steps toward zero. Mission Zero®. Poised to reach this milestone by 2020, we’ve taken on an even more audacious goal, the next powerful step in our journey: #ClimateTakeBack.

With a market share of one third of the global carpet tile market, Interface is the market leader when it comes to design, sustainability and innovation. We have people on the ground in six continents, with over 40 global showrooms, and manufacturing sites in Australia, China, the Netherlands, Thailand, the UK and the U.S. For international customers we have local teams who speak fluent in more than 40 languages.

The Net-Works™ programme, our latest global collection, World Woven®, and our biophilic design hub, Human Spaces are great expressions of our identity.

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