We Make Carpet Tile, But We Sell Design

Interface began life in 1973, when our founder, Ray Anderson, saw the need for more versatile flooring in the US office market. In 1987, we acquired Heuga, the Dutch manufacturer of the original carpet tile and the leading modular carpet brand in Europe and Australia. Before long, Interface was the world leader in modular flooring.

In 1994, we started Mission Zero, our commitment to eliminate our negative impact on the environment, by 2020. In acknowledging we were part of the problem, we took responsibility for helping find a solution. This meant redesigning our company and our products. If a petrochemical-intensive, traditional manufacturing business like ours can change, so can anyone.

Changing the future of flooring

Our products combine aesthetics, functionality and sustainability. But sustainability is our main focus, and we show what is possible through the way we design and create our modular carpet and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT).

We are proud to welcome the worldwide leader of rubber flooring, nora® systems, to the Interface family. With nora, Interface complements its product mix of carpet tile and LVT with rubber flooring, giving customers more choices to meet their flooring needs across endless commercial applications.

Taking responsibility has led us to transform our supply chains, and solve economic and social problems. We’ve discovered many new concepts – including biomimicry (learning from nature’s processes), biophilic design (bringing nature into interior spaces) and inclusive business (involving and benefiting low-income communities). These have inspired us to change not only our products, but also our company and the entire industry.

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